January, 2012
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The playing field for early childhood advocacy is larger than any particular city or state. Every issue is national because the life of every child is tied to those of the other youngsters who benefit from our work. Just Beginning provides early childhood development experts and advocates with the information they need to stay abreast of upcoming events, ongoing litigation and other developments throughout the United States.

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August, 2012
Speech Delays
By jbadmin

Looking for things to post on the JustBeginning blogs, I found this simple article in Parenting Magazine online. It helps to have a simple rubric to evaluate whether or not your child will need speech and language services. Interestingly, boys were 3 times as likely to be late talkers than girls, and younger siblings also are late talkers because a lot of talking gets done for them. In my experience as an educator, the more language we use around children, the better we are.

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February, 2012
Rehabilitative Program Strengthens Family Bonds
By Vanessa Angiuli - Daily Nexus Several Santa Barbara County juvenile detention facilities have joined the “Baby Elmo” program, which helps young incarcerated parents develop and maintain relationships with their children while serving their sentences.

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