January, 2012
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The playing field for early childhood advocacy is larger than any particular city or state. Every issue is national because the life of every child is tied to those of the other youngsters who benefit from our work. Just Beginning provides early childhood development experts and advocates with the information they need to stay abreast of upcoming events, ongoing litigation and other developments throughout the United States.

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August, 2010
Innovative Birth to Six Focused Services
By Catherine Huerta

For my Department it was never a matter of prioritizing our services to our children 0-6 in the child welfare system but reallocating our resources and our practices to better understand the needs of this vulnerable population.

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January, 2012
County’s Baby Elmo Program Reunites Incarcerated Teen Parents with Their Children
Baby Elmo programs in Santa Barbara County, one in Santa Maria and one at Los Prietos Boys Camp, teach incarcerated parents how to play and interact with their babies. All of the visits are videotaped, and Georgetown University researchers are measuring the amount of bonding between the fathers and children. Participants learn to play and interact with their babies, while researchers study how the interactions could prevent recidivism over the long term

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